Preserving & Celebrating Pacifica's Past

Preserving & Celebrating Pacifica's Past

Preserving & Celebrating Pacifica's PastPreserving & Celebrating Pacifica's Past

Footprints of Pacifica Episode Guide

Footprints of Pacifica


Footprints of Pacific was the Pacifica Historical Society's award winning television series on the history of Pacifica produced at Channel 26.  

Hosted by Members of The Pacifica Historical Society. Executive producer: Kathleen Manning
Director: Robert Twigg, Segment Editor: Steve Brown and staffed by additional volunteers
from the PHS: Helen James, JoAnn Zavoral, Jerry Crow, and Eileen Kewnig.

You can purchase a copy of Footprints of Pacifica from the Pacifica Historical Society gift shop or call 650 359 5462.

(apologies for the broken links below -- we are updating them)


1.  Pacifica is Born!

The founding of Pacifica from early newsreel and photos and   reminisces from actual participants. In studio: Connie Brown and Karl   Baldwin. WAVE AWARD finalist


2. Pacifica’s Castle

A tour of the interior and exterior of this local landmark with charming commentary by Ray Gracia, longtime caretaker at the Castle. In   studio Jerry Crow commenting on the history of this Coastside treasure.


3. The Ohlone Indians

On site at the Sanchez Adobe and in studio with local anthropologist and society member, Shirley Drye who illuminates the life of   the native people of our area.


4. Pacifica’s History

On overview of the history of the area from early man to the present day as recounted by Frank Winston accompanied by a photo medley.


5. The Little Brown Church

A history of this beloved landmark and plans for its restoration as an historical museum. In studio: Karl Baldwin and Jack Dodson.


6. History of the Oceanshore Railroad

Show reminisces by actual passengers, and in studio with   Chris Hunter, former editor of the Pacifica Tribune who shows highlights from his book and recounts what travel was like on the Oceanshore RR


7. Restoration of Car 1409 of the Oceanshore Railroad

Footage of the car as found in Sebastopol, its trip back to Pacifica and plans for its restoration as recounted by RR historian John Schmale and Scott Lindner, head of the reconstruction project. Original music “Car 1409” by Rob Wullenjohn, local musician and Historical Society member. WAVE AWARD WINNER


8. The Early Roads of Pacifica

Great early footage of Montara Mountain, Devil’s Slide, and Pacifica. Reminisces in studio with long time Pacifican, Cal Hinton former fire chief and current council member.


9. History of Surfing in Pacifica

Great visuals of the early surfing scene. In studio: Penny Keating, member of the long time Pacifica surfing family.


10. Nick’s Restaurant and the Gust Family

Vintage visuals with Nick Gust in studio recalling early Pacifica, his family’s landmark restaurant and his experiences in local government


11. Walking Tour of Sharp Park

Led by society archivist, Jerry Crow, the tour highlights   the most important buildings in this older section of Pacifica.


12. Bob Milne in Concert

Highlights of the concert to benefit the Little Brown   Church played by Bob Milne world-renowned ragtime piano player in July 2006  at Sanchez Concert Hall. Milne is the featured performer of the Library of   Congress American Experience Series and considered by many to be the best   ragtime piano player in the country. SPECIAL: Bob Milne In Concert full concert (85 min) performing his patriotic medley at Sanchez Concert Hall, July 2006.


13. Views of the Coast

Frank Maffei and Ed Graham, longtime coastside residents and historians, show and discuss early photographs of the Coast and of the Oceanshore RR right of ways. There are many interesting views of Devil’s Slide and Hwy One.


14. Sanchez Adobe

Linda Corwin, a Sanchez Adobe docent, is featured in a video   tour of the Adobe and then is in studio to discuss the Adobe, one of the   oldest structures in San Mateo County, in more detail.


15. Pacifica's Sports History

Horace Hinshaw, sports writer, is the featured guest and   talks about the history orts and personalities in the sports world in   Pacifica. The show includes closer look at the Pacifica Sports Hall of Fame.


16. Annual Bay Discovery Hike

Cameras accompany Ranger George Dugerian, Golden Gate   National Recreation Area as he leads this annual hike commemorating Portola's   trek up to Sweeny Ridge and the discovery of San Francisco Bay.


17. Memories of Sharp Park

In studio with Mark Claussen, longtime Sharp Park resident,   who talks about growing up in Sharp Park and now living there and raising a   family. Also included is a video presentation by Dema Savage interviewing old   time Pacifica resident Julie Gervais.


18. History of Pacifica Schools

Two veteran Pacifica teachers, Helen James and Sharron   Walker, recount early days of Pacifica schools augmented with photos and   film.


19. History of the Pacifica Pier

Pier construction photos and video clips of the Pier   augment discussion with POPS (Preserve Our Pier) founder, Anna Boothe and   Andy Pappas, Crab King, on the history and value of this landmark


20. History of San Pedro Valley Park

Doug Heisinger, San Mateo County Park Ranger, takes us on a   video tour to explore the history and wonder of this treasure.


21. History of the Pacifica Police Department

On location and in studio with Captain Fernando   Realyvasquez, Retired Captain Mike Blagrove and Retired Reserve Captain Wally   Rapozo who discuss the changes and evolution of this organization.


22. Fifty Year Reunion of Pacifica City Leaders

This special event was held on March 17, 2007, hosted by   the Pacifica Historical Society and the Coastside Democrats to celebrate 50   years of Pacifica as a city. On tape are the first mayor, Jean Fassler, first   city manager, Karl Baldwin plus other city founders and numerous other city   officials, commission members, city employees past and present.


23. Cold War in Pacifica: The Nike Base

Tour of the old Nike site is led by Gary Heiser, who served   in the army at this location and has great memories. David Bridgman is in   studio to reminisce about the coastal defense system and his father’s role in   Bay Area defense.


24. World War II in Pacifica

Presentation of former Pacifican, Metha Woods McDavid and   Ray Gracia. Metha talks about growing up during the war and the special fears   and needs of Coastside residents. Ray Gracia talks about the Castle and its   uses during the War


25. History of Shelter Cove

Author Lenore Lafayette shares her childhood memories and   photos of this unique area. Charliese Heiser is on video recalling growing up   in Shelter Cove and Ginny Jacquith remembers her experiences living there.


26. Open Space in Pacifica – Part 1. 

Interviews with John Curtis, Ferd Simons and Peter Loeb -   all early participants in these efforts at saving open space for Pacifica. In   studio: Shirley Drye and Julie Lancelle who recall the efforts to save Sweeny Ridge and Mori Point..  WAVE AWARD WINNER


27. History of Channel 26

In studio guests Helen James and Barbara Arietta with Sid   Lorvan on video discuss the early days of Ch 8 and Ch 26, Pacifica’s   prize-winning public access TV station.


28. History of Open Space - Part 2

Interviews with Open Space activists: Jan Dutton, Nancy   Hall, Ken Miles, Mike Vasey, Clark Natwick. They recall early problems, and   struggles.


29. History of Fog Fest

The story of the founding and history of this yearly   Pacifica event. Interviews with Fred Howard in studio and interviews with   Ginny Jacquith. Peter Loeb and Shirlee Gibbs, and Jean Headley.


30. One on One with Karl Baldwin

In depth interview with Pacifica’s first City Manager.


31. Scrapbook of Memories of Pacifica

A montage of memories of Pacificans who were present during   Pacifica’s earliest years as a city.


32. One on One with Helen James

An in depth interview with long time Pacifica resident,   historian, teacher, TV volunteer and participant in many activities.


33.  History of the American Association of University Women in Pacifica

This is a chronicle of the events of a group that has   participated in many of Pacifica’s history’s most important events. This is   an in studio interview of Jan Dutton, Erika Rigling and Christine Krenzel.


34. One on One with Lydia Azevedo

An in depth interview with an early Pacifican who was vital   to preserving the town’s history and was an early proponent of the Devil’s   Slide Tunnel.


35. Stella Pilgrim & The Good Shepherd Statue

The saga of one artist’s efforts to bring her vision to the   community.


36. 50th Anniversary Special

A special presentation prepared for the banquet   commemorating Pacifica’s 50th Birthday. Pacifica's history and special   qualities are celebrated in video, photos and interviews.


37. Mitch Postel & The History of San Mateo County

The Executive Director of the San Mateo Historical Society   talks about the history of the County with special emphasis on the Coastside.


38. Dollaradio

Joan Klass Levin talks about her unique property on the   Coast – the former transmitting station for The Dollar Lines. This includes   video clips showing past and present.


39. Pete Periera – Moving Houses in Pacifica

This longtime Pacifica resident talks about his early days   and about his house moving business augmented with video and photos.


40.  Pacifica Performances

Mildred Owen recounts the experiences of the creation of  Pacifica Performances and its role in Pacifica’s cultural history.


41. Westmoor High School

Brother and sister, Howard Lucas and Sally Lucas Privette tell about their early years in Pacifica, their father Fred Lucas, who was   School Superintendent and their years at Westmoor High.


42. Remembering Tom Lantos

Clips of his speech at Pacifica's 50th Anniversary   Celebration, and the Dedication of Sweeny Ridge are added to a photo montage   plus recollections and tributes from Jackie Speier, Chris Hunter, Peter Leob,   and our local city council members.


43. The Statue of Pacifica

Bill Chamberlain discusses the history of Treasure Island   Fair, Sal DeGuarda presents 8' replica to City of Pacifica.


44. Earth Day

Discussion with Lynn Adams, Penny Keating & Clark   Natwick.


45. Sharp Park Golf Course

History with Horace Hinshaw and Barbara Arietta.


46. The Archery Range

History on location with the San Francisco Archers.


47. Mizpah

Helen James interviews Linda Hughes, Caroline Chu about   this long time charitable group.


48. Steve Brown

Frank Winston interviews Steve Brown concerning his early   memories of Pacifica and his rock n' roll involvement as a videographer


49. Spindrift Players - The Beginning

Erika Rigling interviews Sheila Hyman and Sydney Clark.


50. Salute to the Crew

Meet the PHS members who create and produce this show.


51. Early Days

Eileen Kewnig & Earl Annecston. Two long time residents   talk about Sharp Park.


52. Castle Tour and VIP Party

2008 special guest Pete McClosky (sold as a set with #53)


53. Castle Tour and Ghosts

(sold as a set with #52)


54. Water District

Host Marty Anaya interviews Kevin O'Connell, Alice Filios,   Armand Cervasco


55. Frank Winston

Memorial Tribute. Emperor Frank, host of our first 48 shows   fondly remembered.


56. Teen Photo Project Sharp Park

Jerry Crow, Erika Rigling


57. Robert Dollar Quarterly Meeting

At Dollaradio with Steve Potash, Robert Chandler and Heidi   Dollar Higginbotham


58. Car 1409 Progress Report

Ocean Shore Railroad. Jerry Crow introduces video.


59. Little Brown Church Progress

Report on Restoration


60. Bill Drake

Bill Drake is interviewed by Horace Hinshaw


61. Grace McCarthy

Video presentation narrated by Jerry Crow.


62. The Tribune

Horace Hinshaw, Elaine Larsen, Jackie Drake


63. Honora Sharp's Legacy

Sharp Park Golf Course and Archery Range. Barbra Arietta is   interviewed by Jerry Crow.


64. Sea Bowl

narrated by Horace Hinshaw


65. Growing Up in Linda Mar

Moderated by Rick Della Santina with Debbie Grech, Matt   Kirkpatrick, Jan & John De Francisco


66. Kay Kirkland

Long time Pacifican Kay kirkland is interviewed by   Elisabeth Amuda.


67. Bob Milne

The famous ragtime pianist Bob Milne is interviewed by Bill   Hall.


68. Art Guild and Roberta Ewald

Roberta Ewald an early member of the Art guild is   interviewed by Jillian Alderson.


69. Pacifica Cribs: Steve Brown

A tour of Steve Brown home and his Rock & Roll 60's   memorabilia.


70. Chris Hunter & The Tribune

Former Tribune editor Chris Hunter is interviewed by Horace   Hinshaw.


71. Anderson's Store

Jim Coen, Matthias Anerson’s grandson is interviewed by   Eileen Kewnig who grew up across the street from Anderson's store.


72. Growing Up in Pacifica in the 1950s

Horace Hinshaw interviews Andy Gabin and Lorraine Regan.


73. Spindrift Players - Part 2

Erika Rigling interviews John & Kathy Pantleon.


74. George Edsell - Part 1

George Edsell, Pacifica Realtor and WWII navigator is   interviewed by Jerry Crow.


75. Pacifica’s Cribs: Jim Dickson

A tour of his amazing collection and memorabilia of boxing   and San Fracisciana.


76. Mary Harris - Pacifica Artist

Interview by Sharron Walker at Mary’s home in Shelter Cove.


77. Shelter Cove’s Mary Harris

More on Mary’s life and Shelter Cove with Sharron Walker.


78. Hulda Williams 

Interview of longtime 97 year old Pacifica activist and   volunteer who helped change Pacifica by Maxine Hines.


79. Andrew Leone and the Sanchez Art Center 

On site interview with Sharron Walker.


80. Alma Heights

Horace Hinshaw interviews Joe and David Gross about their   school and about White Field’s place in Pacifica sports.


81. Andrew Leone

Artist continuation of Sharron Walker’s interview with more   personal highlights.


82. Cal Hinton

Pacifica's first fire chief and longtime City Council   member interviewed by Jerry Crow.


83. Coastside Maritime History

Dave Hirzel's presentation at PHS Spring Quarterly meeting


84. Mori Point - Part 1

Julie Lancelle and Mike Vasey recount the history of the   area and how it was preserved and saved for the public.


85. Mori Point (Part 2)(View)

Julie Lancelle continuation of the story of the saving of   Mori Point


86. Dante Santora

Horace Hinshaw interviews this ninety-year-old member of   The Baseball Old Timers about the semi pro days in San Francisco and famous   friends in the SF & North Beach baseball world.


87. The Bob Siebert Family

Eileen Kewnig interviews two of Bob’s daughters about his   impact as a teacher and about growing up in Sharp Park.


88. History of the Pacifica Historical Society 

Rebekah Hays interviews Shirley Drye, Connie Brown, Karl   Baldwin and Shirlee Gibbs.


89. Three Longtime Pacifica Businesswomen

Erika Rigling interviews Manor Music (Sarah Glew), Jewels   Forever (Maria Ampola) and Adobe Hairitage (Mickey Montgomery).


90. History of Sewage Plant (Part 1)

Mary Ann Nihart interviews Scott Holmes.


91. Coach Bill Gray and Football in Pacifica

Coach Bill Gray is interview by Horace Hinshaw on location   at Terra Nova.


92. Water Treatment in Pacifica - Part 2

Mary Ann Nihart interviews Dave Cromm at the Calera Creek   Water Treatment Plant and then, in studio with Scott Holmes & Cal Hinton.


93. Museum Progress

In studio with Jerry Crow and Shirlee Gibbs with videos of   current progress.


94. George Edsell - Part 2 

Jerry Crow continues his interview with long time Pacifica   Realtor and veteran WWII navigator and sailor.


95. One on One with Horace Hinshaw

Interview by Jerry Crow of this sports journalism icon and   founder of the Pacifica Sports Hall of Fame.


96. One on One w/ Jerry Crow 

Horace Hisnhaw interviews this stalwart of the Pacifica   Historical Society, Rotarian, local history author and Board President of   Pacifica Performances.


97. Broadmoor Village & Dave Crimmen

Kathleen Manning interviews this local author and musician.


98. Martin's Beach

Video produced by Steve Brown on July 4, 1984, hosted by   Hank Morieka and featuring Ed & Helen Watt. This includes surf fishing by   the Pacifica Rod Benders Club.


99. Anza Expedition

The Pacifica Historical Society Quarterly Meeting. Excerpts   from a talk by Phil Valdez, descendent of Juan Bautista Valdez, member of the   Anza and Portola Expeditions


100. 100th Episode

Excerpts of the first 100 shows compiled by Steve Brown.


101. Shipwrecks on the Coast w/ JoAnn Semones 

Author Jo Ann Semones interviwed by Dave Hirzel.


102. The Environmental Movement in Pacifica

History of the Environmental Movement in Pacifica: Sharron   Walker interviews Penny Keating & Jeri Flinn.


103. Subs and Pianos 

Deidra Kennedy interviews Captain Ken Lee, retired nuclear   submarine captain


104. Terra Nova Baseball 50th Anniversary

Video of banquet speakers at Nick's - featuring coaches and   players with Horace Hinshaw. Interviews with Mike Mooney, Al Figone, Bud   Bresneham, Marty Coil, Ron Krieger, Bill Gray, and Joey Gentile.


105. Pacifica Resource Center 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Suzanne Lamar interviews Anita   Rees.


106. Landi Family 

Early Pacifica Family, hosted by Robine Runneals with in   studio guest Steve Landi.


107. Tom Jackson's Medieval Renaissance Faire

Hosted by Deidra Kennedy interviews Tom Jackson and his   wife Jackie DiCello.


108. Pacifica: Best of the Road 

Video of the busy time when Pacifica was named one of 5   finalist for Rand McNally's "Prettiest Little Town in America"   Contest.


109. Sam Mazza Castle - The Book 

Author Bridget Oates is interviewed by Jerry Crow.


110. Karin Anderson-Murray's Family

Elleen Kewnig interviews Karin's daughters inside the   Castle.


111. Art Guild of Pacifica w/ Jackie DiCello

Its founding and early days. Jackie DiCello and Tom Jackson   hosted by Deidra Kennedy


112. 50th Anniversary of Terra Nova Football

Coach Floyd Gonella hosted by Horace Hinshaw


113. Footprints of Pacifica - Terra Nova High School 45th   Reunion

The 45th Terra Nova reunion at Nick’s, and a in studio   with Charlen Frazee Fahey. Interviews by Deidra Kennedy and a in studio


114. 50 Years of Pacifica Rotary Club 

Jerry Crows interviews Steven Wright and Bob Jacobsen


115. John Schmale & Ocean Shore RR - Part 1 

Part 1 Video Presentation of John Schmnale’s fund raising   presentation at the Moose Lodge.


116. Bill Drake, Tribune Publisher 

Tribune Publisher, A Memorial tribute by Horace Hinshaw and   Chris Hunter


117. Ocean Shore RR w/ John Schmale - Part 2 

Second part of John Schmale’s video presentation


118. Pitto Family Ranch

Horace Hinshaw interviews family members John and Frankie   Pitto and views of the old ranch site.


119. Dave Cresson & the Half Moon Bay History Association

Jerry Crow interviews Dave Cresson in studio


120. Clorinda Campagna & Gypsy Hill 

Longtime resident is interviewed by Deidra Kennedy. WAVE  WARD FINALIST


121. Dollar Radio Station Update 

Joan Levin is interviewed by Jerry Crow


122. Phil Carlson, Pacifica Author

Pacifica Author, Interview by Jerry Crow about the author’s   windjammer experiences


123. Miss Pacifica

Mary Ann Nihart interviews Joan Parris, Laurie Raffo,   Sterling Wolper and Courtney Fil


124. Marv Morganti

Jerry Crow interviews long time Pacifica educator and   active community member


125. May Gee 

Helen James interviews this longtime resident,   businesswoman and political activist.


126. Francisco Sanchez 

Alice Reeve discusses Sanchez’s life and impact with   archeologist Shirley Drye


127. Lois Jones & Oceana High School

Jerry Crow interviews this longtime Pacifica teacher who   was principal during the changes at Oceana HS


128. Frank Nash 

Frank Nash & The Barber Shop. Frank Nash is interviewed   on his premises by Marv Morganti as they reminisce about Frank's 55 + years   as a Pacifica's barber.


129. The Moose.

The history of this fraternal organization is covered with   Jerry Crow interviewing Paul Slavin, a former governor of the local lodge


130. Portola   and Carl McCarthy 

Pat Kremer shows slides of Carl McCarthy, her father, who   saved The Discovery Site and gave many tours.


131. History of Beta Sigma Phi (

Therese Dyer interviews Jamie Devlet and Mary Sarantopulos.


132. Lana Thomson

Jerry Crow interviews Lana Thomson on her remarkable   life story.


133. Thinking Tunnel

Jerry Crow interviews activist and leader in the tunnel   fight.


134. Travels with Bob Milne

Bob Milne and friends conduct a travelogue of Bob's travels   and concerts.


135. Don Toschi's Pedro Point Days 

Words and pictures of former beach resident during the   1930's & 40's read by Bill Hall.


136. Rich Morales

Horace Hinshaw interviews Pacifican Rich Morales, who was a   former Major League Baseball player.


137. Moving OSSR Car # 1409 

Jerry Crow and John Meria discus the moving of the Ocean   Shore Railroad Passenger Car #1409 from Shamrock Ranch.


138. Mike Mooney

Jerry Crow interviews the colorful creator of Pacifica's   Memorial Garden.


139. 50th Anniversary of Pacifica's Post Office

Horace Hinshaw host the party, relates the history, and   interviews long time employee's.


140. Volleyball Anniversary (View)

1983 Terra Nova Girls Volleyball State Championship Team,   with Tonia Moe, Kari Trainor, & Dorene Baustro.


141. First Museum Show

The first exhibit at the Little Brown Church Museum on The   Tom Lantos Tunnel and The History of Surfing in Pacifica. Host Pat Kremer   interviews Mitch Reid and Steve Brown, curators of all the exhibits.


142. John Schmale' OSSR SF-Pacicfica Part 1

The Line that couldn't make ends meet. The History of the   Ocean Shore Railroad.


143. John Schmale' OSSR SF-Pacicfica Part 2

The Line that couldn't make ends meet. The History of   the Ocean Shore Railroad.


144. Chris Hunter & Legendary Locals

Jerry Crow interview Chris Hunter on his book   "Legendary Locals Pacifica"


145. PHS Quarterly Meeting featuring Chris Hunter

Chris Hunter speaks at a Pacifica Historical Society   Quarterly Meeting discussing his book "Legendary Locals Pacifica"


146. Operation Brown Bag

Jerry Crow interviews Susan Takalo, Thelma Clark &   Pastor Tom Nibbe on Operation Brown Bag who provides food to needy   households. They receive their food from The Second Harvest Food Bank.


147. Pacifica American little League Baseball Team 

Horace Hinshaw interviews Manager Steve Falk, coaches David   Shaw, Len Harkness & team players on thier 2014 California Little League   Championship. Plus ESPN Highlights.


148. History of the Emporium Department Stores

Reid Kennedy interviews Anne Evers Hitz about her book   "History of the Emporium Department Stores".


149. Piers of the California Coast

Mike Wallace interviews Ed Grant about his book "Piers   of the California Coast, which includes the Pacifica Pier.


150. Pedro Point Firehouse 

Robert (Bob) Lee Keating tells the history of the Pedro   Point Firehouse.


151. Mike Casey & PEN TV 

Mike Case, the host of San Mateo History Stories on PEN TV,   talks about his show and local history


152.  History Tour of Vallemar 


153. The Surfer who Saved Santa 


154. The Story of Dolly Fine