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About Us


The Society preserves, enjoys and educates about Pacifica's past
Old photographs, paintings, clippings, books, scrapbooks, audio and video recordings and any artifacts which reflect local history are preserved in our archives.  We welcome the loan of any items of family history that we may copy and return.  The Society has space to file and protect our archives.

Lively Quarterly programs on local history

Four times each year, usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, the Society features programs on local history themes.  Often Pacificans who participated in the building of the city, water district, schools, police, fire & recreation departments are invited to reminisce as we record their memories for future reference.
Continuing research and documentation
Members clip and file old newspaper articles, organize interviews with longtime residents, do research to locate and assist in protecting local historical buildings and sites, answer requests for historical information and expand our collective knowledge of all that has made Pacifica what it is today.

Historians look to the future

The Society acts as the official city historian, but is operated entirely by unpaid volunteers and with no tax support.  Income is from membership, donations, fundraisers, and our online local history store.  The Society's long range plans include establishing a Pacifica Historical Museum



Section 1.  The Purpose of the Pacifica Historical Society is to collect information and items of historical interest pertaining to the area now called the City of Pacifica .

Section 2.  The Society is to provide for the preservation, accessibility, and protection of information and material collected, as historical and educational resources.  In preserving the fine and unique from our past, the present and the ordinary should not be overlooked.

Section 3.  The Society is to work toward the preservation of historical sites, buildings, monuments, and markers.

Section 4.  The Society is to act upon request as official historian for the City of Pacifica .  It will be available to advise the City Council regarding historical matters and matters relating to the preservation of historical sites, buildings, monuments, and markers.